Love day revisited

Today’s post is about love.  I receive daily love notes from the Universe by email.  One of which struck me lately, “When you begin to find love in people and places where you haven’t found it before, it’s always because you’ve grown.”  The love day has just come and gone.  I spent an early one with my skiing soul mate, we went to an outdoor spa and hung out for a few hours before proceeding to his chalet to do some skiing the next day.

The day together was one of the loveliest I have ever spent with him.  I’ve grown, there is space now to just be with him and in that space I have found happiness and peace.  Wrapped up in each other in a hot tub, we could have been anywhere, so grateful just to be together and to relax.  Not sure what the combination was but it was magic.

The spring like conditions the following day, skiing together and a race were the icing on the cake.  All ingredients to make a very special 24 hours together even more magical.  The most important gift we can give each other is time.  We lead very seperate lives and so it becomes important that when we do get time together that it is well spent.  We don’t always manage this but when it happens like it did it takes my breath away.

I was teaching skiing on Valentine’s day and it became clear that perfect strangers were going to fill my cup of love to the brim.  It began with a client during a private lesson who, at the end of the lesson, threw her arms around me and thanked me with such joy.  Then on to a little four year old girl who wrapped her arms around my knees at the end of my time with her.  I may not have been with my skiing soul mate that day but the Universe sure provided opportunities for me to feel love in more ways than one. 

And so I come back to the quote at the beginning of this post, I am finding love in people and places I haven’t before and know I’ve grown.  How about you?


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