The best Christmas gift ever!

Today’s post is on an event which happened Christmas eve and reminds me of the true nature of Christmas.  I’m not a big fan of the Christmas season not because I’m Scrooge but because I believe its essence has been lost amid the miasma of commercialization.  For me Christmas is about time; time spent with loved ones around good food enjoying each other’s company.  Not oh my God it’s January and I’m so in debt I may never see the light again!

Anyway the event in question happened on Christmas eve as I was running around picking up groceries for Christmas dinner with my new man.  Technology is both a blessing and a curse, as I was texting the man in question, I locked my keys in my car.  The only set.  In my car.  With automatic doors locked.  Gulp.  As I stood shivering in a spring jacket thinking about my fresh roasting chicken sitting in the car I wondered how I was going to get out of this mess.

The very piece of technology which distracted me ended up saving me.  Thanks to my Blackberry I was able to call a friend of mine who worked at a nearby grocery store, who in turn sent one of his employees out with a slim jim to rescue me.  Now you’re wondering what is an employee doing with a slim jim aren’t you? His dad just happened to be a mechanic.  We tried in vain to open the lock after being summarily coached before leaving the store and by his father over the phone. He gave up and left.  His father was the only mechanic on duty and couldn’t leave so I tried a different tack and went across the street to a car dealership.  They could not help me due to insurance purposes, if the car was on their lot it would have been a different story they claimed.

Meanwhile I called my guy who couldn’t help because he was in Almonte and had plans to see his family for the ensuing gastronomy fest.  I called my neighbor who luckily has a set of my house keys and was willing to come pick me up since my house key is on my key ring.  As I was warming up in one of the stores in the mall I thought of the lovely older man who looks after carts at the nearby grocery store.  Betting on accrued wisdom and experience I approached him in the hopes he’d know what to do.  He accepted my challenge, went to fetch a coat hanger and we then proceeded to my car.

I enlisted the support of any man within a close proximity during the first attempt.  The responses were varied but mostly along the lines of: “no I’ve never broken into a car and can’t help you, sorry.”  This time it seemed the universe conspired to help me as without my asking my hero showed up.  He was an off duty CAA guy.  OMG! I burst into tears and was so grateful.  What really got me was when he said: “I knew there was a reason we had to come here today.”

When he finally got it open after much effort I flew into his arms and kissed him and told him he’d given me the best Christmas present ever!  I was in tears and assured him this would make for such a great story.

I marvel at the way the universe works and how needs get met just by putting the request out there.  So in this lovely new year make your requests clear and send them to the universe, it so delivers!


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