The long kiss good night

I’ve been a space cadet lately, seriously, totally out of it.  My lack of coping skills has seemingly reached new heights.  I hope to snap out of it soon.  In the meantime I accepted to go out on a date last night.  If it had been anyone else I would have refused considering my current state of survival, my head and heart are just not into the dating scene.

But I’m glad I did go out, it was a lovely night and I was so grateful for his company, he makes me laugh and I forgot about my troubles for a little while.  You see, he and I already know each other.  We’re both avid skiers and met at the ski show years ago, in ancient history.  At the time I was told he thought I was hot.  I was in school and seemingly preoccupied and not interested in the attentions of an older man.  A few years later I had him come to a wellness day I organized as he works in that realm.

So it was funny when about a week ago we ran into each other on Lavalife and I put two and two together and made the connection.  Former ski racers get each other.  It’s a small, insular world and we inherently understand what it takes to race down mountains at the speed at which most cars travel clad in nothing but a lycra suit.  I can’t really explain it but it’s like we’re wired in similar ways.  So anyway he and I had a grand old time chatting about skiing last night amongst other things.  We went out for drinks and dinner, then coffee, then a drive around town to see the Christmas lights.  The time came when he walked me to my car for the inevitable good night.

What struck me was the kiss, it left me speechless and weak kneed.  Not just because it was good but it seems I’ve found a man who kisses just like me!  I was too stunned to reciprocate much, I just stood there rooted to the spot.  I must have looked like a guppie.  I broke it off and blindly stumbled towards the car. 

So we’ve established we’re similar in more ways than one it seems.  To be continued…


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