Is age a state of mind?

Today’s post is on age, I’ve talked about the subject before but something happened today that threw me.  A guy I had been chatting with off and on for a week sent me an email today saying he couldn’t date me because of the age difference.  You see, he’d decided after a week that a 34-47 split was just too much it seems.  I almost fell off my chair because to me age is simply a state of mind but it seems to others it isn’t.

It’s not like this particular 47 year old acted his age, from what I gathered in our conversations he was in great shape and seemed to be a true kid at heart so the whole thing kind of threw me.  I couldn’t resist replying to him expressing my incredulity and reiterating what I have so far laid out here.  To me age is really a state of mind, I’ve met some twenty year olds that have the maturity of 40 year olds and vice versa.  I mean obviously because I want kids it is a factor to some extent, however, I never saw this coming.

I’m still a little in shock.  Wow.  What about you?  Have you ever considered age to be a factor?  Is it a dealbreaker for you if there is too big a split?  Weigh in!


One thought on “Is age a state of mind?

  1. gaytodecember says:

    If the chemistry is really right I don’t see age as a deal breaker. There is a 44 year spread between my partner and I and we’ve been making it work for over a year now. Admittedly neither of us “act our age”.

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