Dating women?

Today’s post is a sign things are not going well with the opposite sex if I’m even considering switiching teams.  I’ve often thought about it.  I mean I am a woman and therefore I get them.  I know what they like, what they want and need.  Surely it can’t be all that difficult to date them can it?

Think again or so I am told by my girlfriends who do play for the other team who say that dating women is no simpler than dating men.  Sigh.  There goes another illusion.  I often wonder what goes through men’s minds.  Sometimes I really wonder if they are from another planet.  Guys must think the same of us women I’m sure.  Surely the 50% success rate of marriages must give us some form of hope.  Don’t you think?

How about you ladies?  Has the fairer sex ever had an appeal?  Weigh in!


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