Dating older men

Today’s post is on dating older men, now I have to say I have a preference for them.  Call it a freudian slant if you will, there’s something about men who are long in the tooth, so to speak.  They usually have more life experience, money, are better in the sack and the list goes on.  They generally are blessedly more old school and know how to treat a woman, to them chivalry is far from dead.

There’s something to be said for doing things right.  The guy from Washington I mentionned in a previous post was MUCH older than me and he did it all right, flew me down, I never had to open my wallet once.  Not that I have anything against opening my wallet it’s just nice to be treated like a princess.  That’s exactly how I felt too, like a princess.  I mean really isn’t that how every girl should feel on a first date?  Like a princess.  Seems to me that older men have it down, for the most part, to a fine art.

As for bedroom antics an older man generally has a wider breadth of knowledge and experience.  Plus, they are usually so appreciative of having a younger woman in their arms that they go out of their way to please but that’s just me.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve experienced just the opposite where you wonder where this person has been and pity who they have been doing. 

I love a man who knows his way around the kitchen, no matter what his age.  But there’s something to be said for an older man bending over backwards to please you in the culinary arts.  It gives you a taste for things to come, so to speak. 

It’s the little things, the doors opened, the walking on the traffic side of the sidewalk, the way a hand is placed on the small of a back.  Ahhh older men to me are like a fine wine, to be sipped and tasted ever so slowly.


One thought on “Dating older men

  1. Wii says:

    Thanks for the boost.
    Says the older man

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