A forever kind of love

I just saw the movie Twilight.  The Stephenie Meyer series is by far the best I’ve read in years.  The movie was great and it got me thinking about the kind of love I want in my life.  Sounds corny but I want the kind of love Edward and Bella share, the same sort of intensity.  I wonder if it’s even possible but I know my heart aches whenever I see it and I long for it with everything that I am. 

I’ve always said I wanted to grow old with someone I could have long chats with on the porch in our rocking chairs when we’re old and grey.  I want a best friend, a lover, someone who makes my life better just for being in it.  Someone who stretches me, challenges me to learn and grow to be a better person.  I want a forever kind of love, the stuff of fairy tales.  Does it really exist?

All I can say is I hope it happens soon.  How much longer do I have to wait to find you?  If you’re out there, please hurry, I’m tired of waiting.


One thought on “A forever kind of love

  1. Wii says:

    Seems like a simple request, this easy comfort, and intimacy to share but it is the most difficult thing to acheive, to have, to hold.
    Even when we have it we take it for granted and only appreciate it when its gone and then long for it again. Why do we screw it up? We let things push it out when we should be holding grasping it close to our chest.

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