Today’s post is on lust.  The reason is because I’m an artist and am being asked to submit a piece on lust for a group fundraising show.  It got me thinking about lust.  What exactly is lust?

I have been watching So You Think You Can Dance Canada, I don’t watch a lot of tv but omg am I ever hooked.  I think it has to do with the hot bodies on stage, everyone has a six pack, even the girls!  I especially love one of the male dancers, tall, dark and handsome and a body to die for.  What can I say?  I am human and obviously fallible!  He is just beautiful to watch.  What makes us lust after people?  I think we all have a ‘type’,  a person with certain looks that just make our heart beat a litte faster and gives us butterflies. 

I love eye candy, I’ve said it before, this is not news.  I especially like it when eyes meet and no words are said but so much is conveyed anyway.  I call it the across the room look.  Sigh.  Makes me swoon and feel oh so alive.  Is that what lust is about?  Does it remind us of our humanity?  I love watching men’s heads snap at the sight of a beautiful woman, cracks me up every time.  I have caused some head snapping, wolf whistles, catcalls; you name it, I’ve experienced it.  I remember once when I was in the miltary I let a huge catcall go at some hottie running, I got the weirdest reaction from the guys I was with.  Hey!  If guys can do it why can’t women? Equality of the sexes right?

What about you?  What makes your heart go pitter patter and makes your knees go weak?  Weigh in!


One thought on “Lust

  1. ottsamurai says:

    I believe lust is the unexplainable pure animal attraction one feels for the other sex (or same if gay?). Not rooted in logic or exact science, it can be a look, style, specific body part, but especially, I think it’s a projected image/attitude/imagery that turns you on at some deep animal level.

    I’ve been turned on by all kinds of women, not necessarily all attractive or with a hot body, but something about them that got my blood rushing… I am aware of certains smells (perfume), attitude, clothes, etc. that have a strong effect on me, but nailing it down to a clear description would be hard to do…

    It’s effect on one’s control is not unlike “falling in love” where the emotional/animal attraction can literally take over all common sense. Of course, lust comes in varying degrees for different people. I believe some people will barely have goosebumps while others will leave all logic at the door and risk cheating/getting caught because the lust attraction is so strong… Been there done that 😉 And I know the level of intensity increases with flirting and sexual experience (you’re senses grow stronger and thus increase your lust)…

    Lusting is somehow taboo yet it is one of those basic human emotion that makes you come alive and heighten all senses… ok.. enough… time for my meds 😉


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