Childhood crushes

Today’s post is on childhood crushes, now we’ve all had them haven’t we?  The reason I was thinking about the topic today is because I asked to work for an organization one of my childhood crushes works for.  The world is indeed a small place.  Surprise!  Surprise!

We’ve all had them n’est-ce pas?  I remember mine, most of them were at the ski hill where I seemed to have spent the major part of my formative years.  They were boys I skied with most weekends.  I was younger and thus not part of their group but oh did I ogle from afar.  They were dreamy boys, older, cuter and so much more experienced than I.  I grew up in athletics so it was always pleasant to be surrounded by such hard bodies.  The one I came across today and emailed was especially delicious.  Sigh.  How a young girl can get lost in fantasy land.

I wonder what he’s like now?  Probably just as hot.  I’d find it hard to believe he’d grow a middle aged belly or lost his beautiful hair.  He lived up the road from me but we were worlds apart.  We didn’t even go to the same school, instead our worlds touched at the ski hill in the winter and the lake in the summer.  Nothing came of it.  He was just a figment of my very rich imagination.  I bet he’s married now and has a brood of kids, all of them skiing.

A brush with the innocence of the past.

How about you?  What were your childhood crushes like?  Have you ever run into them later on in life?


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