The queen of first dates

Today’s post is on a trend I noticed in my dating.  I am the reigning queen of first dates.  Sigh.  Not a happy event I assure you.  I seem to go on dozens of first dates with very little repeats.  In fact, I can count on two hands the number of guys I’ve seen more than once.  What’s with that?  Again that elusive thing called chemistry I guess.  In fact, it happened again today, I struck out.

I’m a master NLP practitioner.  NLP stands for neuro linguistic programming, basically it’s an efficient way of enhancing communication. Last night a bunch of NLP practitioners got together to practice.  I was a client and brought up my issue with being the queen of first dates and how much effort I put into getting myself out there and not knowing why things don’t click.  The session was awesome!  We did a reframe by looking at it as a positive in terms of experience.  Plus I worked on some positive imagery for when I do go on dates, so I stay focused, centered and grounded.  All in all the experience was very positive. 

I used the tools today, took some deep breaths before my date and felt everything I wanted to feel going in.  I may have struck out but my approach has definitely changed for the better.  NLP rocks!


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