The one who got away

Today’s post is about the one who got away.  I think everyone has a story of the guy or girl they dated who at the time they didn’t realize was a keeper.  I have one.  In hindsight amongst the other guys I had relationships with, he comes out on top.  Now I’ve been in relationships with some pretty solid guys but he knocks them all out of the park.  I was out west and in the military at the time, a recent graduate from military college and a young officer.  He was a senior officer and I remember walking right up to him and asking him when he was going to ask me out on a date.  The rest as they say, is history.  We were together for two years.  There was a five year difference between us that proved to be too much in the end amongst other things.  He coached my soccer team, he was the first guy I lived with and he was the nicest most decent man I have ever met.

I left the military under difficult circumstances which took their toll on our relationship and by the time I was ready to move back to Ottawa, the relationship was over.  I cried and mourned his loss for a long time.  A man raised by his mother with sensitivities I had yet to encounter in other men.  He treated me like a princess, I have lots of good memories of our time together, of trips and laughter.  I miss him.  I was too young to appreciate him then but now after all the men I’ve dated and the crap I’ve been through I’d take him back in a heartbeat.  I still hear of him from time to time through a friend. 

He’s a catch, the one I let get away.  Whoever he’s with now, she’s one lucky woman and I hope she knows it.


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