Wax on wax off

Today’s post is about body hair.  I recently read a survey in a major national magazine about Canadians expressing their views on the topic.  There was a major rift when it came to the differences between men and women.  Seems men prefer their partners to do a clean sweep of the nether regions whereas women seem much more tolerant of their men.  What’s with that?  I don’t know about you but if a guy is going to make a request like that he’d better follow suit.  I personally don’t feel the need to look like a prepubescent teenager so no brazilian for me thank you very much.  I’m not sure what that says about men who enjoy that look.  I do have a psychology background but I don’t feel the need to delve into that abyss.

Now when it comes to hair on men I prefer it on their heads.  If you look like the monkey’s distant cousin go see a professional.  Seriously.  Get your back waxed.  Gah.  Do I have to spell it out?  I don’t get it, women spend serious amounts of cash at salons getting a host of services done.  Why do men not follow suit?  Now I’ve dated guys who are at the opposite end of the spectrum and have serious issues with body hair.  I always abide by the maxim that if a guy spends more time preening than I do then there’s a problem.  I dated this guy who, apart from his eyebrows, seemingly had no nody hair.  It was weird.  I had a guy arrive late for a date because he had just gotten his chest waxed.  Now I understand the need for hairless extremities in sport but if it’s not a speed event is it absolutely necessary to get all of it removed? 

Grooming is important.  As they say less is more but none is just plain weird.

What do you think?  Any funny stories about the fairer sex and grooming?  Share ’em!


3 thoughts on “Wax on wax off

  1. Chuck says:

    I agree, women should keep some down there, trim and neat is what I prefer.

    As for us men, we should clean up if we ask for it from the other sex we should go through the same pain.

    A note to guys out there I found a really good wax for men to do the upper shoulders and back area, if done regularly it get’s less painfull and the hair does not grow back as fast.

    That’s my two cents.

  2. CAPTAIN JAPAN says:

    Hi Skigurl,

    I think it would have been cool if you used your psychology powers to delve into it a little.

    My take is different than yours though and comes from what I’ve read about the evolutionary basis of what men and women are attracted to.

    In a nutshell, men are attracted to women that symbolize youth and reproductive health. This is why among all cultures and among any race, younger women are viewed as more attractive mating partners than men.

    Women on the other hand, and similarly this isn’t a cultural or race thing, prefer men with power, status, and other “fitness indicators” that would make them good providers and protectors (strength, height, health, symetrical faces that also denote health, etc). This is why lots of women find Bill Clinton hot, and why most men aren’t all that attracted to Hillary. Power and ambition is much more attractive to women than men, and it’s always been that way.

    So to answer your post, grooming body hair will make a woman look younger and healthier (pubic hair is an evolutionary adaption to create a barrier for bacteria so not needing it communicates that you are very clean). This will subcommunicate to men that she is ideal from a darwinian “fitness” perspective. This is why a certain waist to hip ratio is favored, and why large breasts are favored (it is easy to tell if a woman is older if she has large breasts because they will sag, but small ones stay perkier longer. So for reproductive fitness, men evolved to prefer larger ones).

    For men, body hair is a hormonal by-product. Sure it’s great to be well groomed, but its a cultural thing rather than an evolutionary adaption. So this is why in most mediteranian cultures hairy men are more attractive and in North America and Europe it’s mosly the smooth look that’s in style. Overall though, grooming male body hair doesn’t carry the same import than women’s body hair does because it doesn’t enhance their darwinian fitness.

    Captain Japan

  3. JB says:

    I’m not a hairy guy (no chest/back hair naturally) and I’m a racing cyclist who’s been shaving his legs for 26 years, I have to say I prefer to be smooth.

    Similarly, I like my gal to be at the very least, neatly trimmed below or be brazillian (the country or the style, either works for me 😉 ). But it has nothing to do with pre-pubescent desires or anything too psycho-babble induced. It’s mechanics. Just as guys enjoy gals who go down on them, some of us guys enjoy returning the favour and it’s a whole lot easier when you’re not picking hair off your tongue or out of your teeth. Graphic? Perhaps… but 100% on the money.

    FTR, I know a gal who fell in love with a guy who is uber hairy. She asked (rather demanded) he shave his chest cuz the hair was a barrier between them and their intimiacy.

    WTF??? that’s messed up.

    Bottom line, I’m sure the porn industry has fueled the lack of hair in popular culture and it’s mostly likely that being smooth evokes those ‘doing a porn star’ fantasies. Besides, if a guy shaves down there, it makes ‘it’ look bigger. Bah-hahahaha

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