Pictures please!

Today’s post is on a couple of items that have cropped up lately in my dating life.  One of which is the importance of pictures.  If you are meeting someone from the online world, please please please get a picture of said subject first.  That way you can preempt any nasty surprises.  Now I have been down this road before, I should know better, it’s a beginner’s mistake but it happens.  I had been chatting with a guy for about a month and he didn’t have a picture of himself.  How in this day and age such a thing is even remotely possible I don’t know.  So we finally met in a public location and nothing, nada, zip.  It was the most awkward and fast date I’ve been on in some time.  If the earth could have swallowed me up I would have gladly welcomed it.  Sigh, another one bites the dust!

An update on my first post, more specifically on the man I dated.  I received an email from him stating he believed things would not work between us.  Now this guy can’t spell, don’t get me started on people who cannot spell.  Fodder for another blog.  He had two reasons why he believed things could not work, one he believed I was emotionally unavailable.  Now anyone who knows me knows this is the farthest thing from the truth. I am one of the most caring, loving and affectionate people I know and my friends will attest to that.  The second was that I couldn’t stand being in his house.  Now when I went to his house, I had just had an unfortunate incident of road rage happen, I was shaken up and frankly his house was a sty.  Not exactly what one calls a welcoming atmosphere or one where you wish to stay, so I fled rather quickly.  So in my email to him, because I just had to respond, I voiced exactly what was said here and told him to get over himself.  Another one bites the dust.  As someone justly pointed out if someone reacts this way after spending so little time with another person, who knows what other surprises lie down the road.

So I know I’m better off but the double punch bugs me, especially after I invested so much time in one of them.  Lesson learned, moving on.

How about you?  Any disappointments in the dating world?


One thought on “Pictures please!

  1. Marc says:

    On-Line Dating…

    Well in my opinion however jaded, and lengthy, online dating is probably more difficult than traditional dating in my mind. Here is why:

    – There is no physical chemistry transmitted over the internet, along with body language.
    – People lie about everything, however big or small. There is always something more, hidden or not disclosed
    – On-Line Dating (Searching Phase), people may overlook things and not get the full picture
    – Although you can “screen” your candidates, you still may end up with someone that does not “fit”

    I am sure there are many more issues out there, but these are the ones that come to mind on a Friday afternoon!!

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