50 best dates

Today’s post is about great dates.  Now having been around the block a few times I have had some truly amazing dates.  What makes a date great?  To me it’s a combination of things, if it’s in a different setting doing something out of the ordinary I’m hooked.  So here are, in no particular order, some of my best dates.

I think the date that takes the cake is being flown to Washington, DC for dinner.  Yes dinner!  I felt like a princess, I got to get all decked out in a swanky dress, we went to an equally swanky restaurant and drank lots of swanky wine.  I was bundled into a cab the following morning with a slight hangover and flown back home.  I’ll always remember the face of the customs officer who asked me the nature of my business in Washington, “I went to dinner” I said, he just looked at me.  Of course as the american gentleman I went out on the date with pointed out, it takes guts to hop on a plane and meet a complete stranger.  No more courage than dating online I thought.

Another great date I went on had a powerful activity, company and dinner combo.  We never ended up dating but remain good friends to this day.  He took me out seadoing on the water, we swam and chatted then went to a great dinner.  Still a very memorable date.  Simple too.

Yet another hall of famer was a date where the gentleman in question met me at the car with a rose.  A nice welcome after having spent an hour and a half in the car.  He cooked me this amazing dinner, he had two choices prepared and threw out the other.  He then made me the most delicious banana pancakes the following morning.  Memorable because the food, company and scenery were awesome.

I think some of my best dates have translated to the best friendships.  The guys I call on when my world starts falling apart, the ones I go to for respite and who make me a better person for having known them.  Those are the true gifts of great dates.

What are some of your best dates?


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