50 worst dates

Today’s post is about bad dates.  We’ve all had them, whether your date makes you want to run screaming from the room or activate the ’emergency call’ so you can hightail it out of there.  What makes a date bad?  I have a few date gone wrong stories I’ll share.  One of the worst dates I was on was with a guy who had posted an old picture of himself and showed up with less hair and more gut.  He went on and on about his line of work, something to do with being an arms dealer.  I just sat there stupefied wondering when I could exit.  This is before I had a cell phone so I couldn’t enact the ‘omg my girlfriend is in the hospital and I need to leave stat’ call.  So I had to sit there for two hours while buddy went on and on about his life.  Horrible.  the worst was his email the next day asking if we could go out again.  Yeah thanks but no thanks.

Another date I went on, I had seen the guy a few times before.  We headed back to my house for a makeout session only to be interrupted by my mother walking in.  I never saw a guy get dressed and out of there so fast.  Needless to say I never saw him again.  Note to self, parents do not making dating any easier.

Then there are the countless men who are sticklers when the bill comes.  I’ve heard it all.  “So how are we going to do this?” To which I should have replied: “you pay.”  To “I’ll get this drink and you get the next one.” As I say to myself yeah buddy there won’t be a next one.  One of the things that bug me the most is bad manners, especially bad table manners.  If you’re using your fork like a shovel, speaking with your mouth full and burping at the table I am so not going to be doing a repeat performance with you. 

Then there was the date where we really hit it off online but when it came to actually meeting silence reigned and as I stepped out of the car, my feet barely hit the sidewalk and he sped off.

How about you?  What are some of your bad dates?  Share ’em!


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