Today being Halloween I thought I’d write on the topic of candy, eye candy that is and what makes it so?  Ahhh elusive chemistry how do I even begin to explain you?  That certain je ne sais quoi that makes your heart beat just a little faster, flush, experience butterflies and weak knees at a lovely prospect of the opposite sex.

Chemistry stumps me.  I can’t explain it.  I’ve been on plenty of dates where I think the date went well and then nothing, no return call or email.  How do you explain chemistry?  Is it because it’s a feeling and thus not easily explainable?  What makes a man attracted to one woman and not another and vice versa?  Evolutionary psychology and Darwinism explain some of it, the reproduction of the species and so on but really is that all it is?  Now I’ll readily avow I used to be attracted to the bad boy.  You know the one, rugged and dangerous looking that treats you like crap.  Yeah that one.  I hate to say it but I was in a relationship with one for two years.  Two years!?!  What was I thinking?  I figure most of us have all been there and boy do we learn good lessons from those relationships!  Anyway this lead me to second guessing my attraction to men for a while.  I figured I’d be attracted to the wrong type and so I was lost.  This is how powerful feelings can be and how they drive us.

I’m pleased to say I am now attracted to seemingly normal and decent men.  Phew!  Every once and a while a bad boy will pop up on the radar screen and I’ll steer clear.  I’m proud to say I can recognize them and stay away from them and their drama.  Drama, there’s a fun one.  I think I like drama, so I seek it out or create it in my relationships.  Heaven forbid if a relationship get too boring, I’ll add a sprinkling of drama just to spice things up!

Nothing makes my day more than when eye candy looks your way and gives you that look that makes you think you might just be eye candy too.

Happy Halloween y’all!  Enjoy your candy whatever shape it takes!


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