Is bad kissing a deal breaker?

Today I’ve decided to tackle the very important topic of kissing, more precisely the information you get from the very first kiss.  Recently I dated a great guy, that is until he kissed me.  Sweet jesus!  I felt like a dead fish was puckering up, not that a dead fish could pucker up but you get my drift.  So sad. 

So I conducted my own little personal poll of friends and asked them the all important question of whether bad kissing was a deal breaker.  The responses were split fairly evenly into two camps.  Those who said: “yeah forget it, it’s over” and those who said: “well you can work on it, you can train him.”  How does that work exactly?  Yeah honey I’d rather you gave me more or less tongue, moved it around.  How do you even begin to broach the topic?  Yeah honey I really like you but you pucker up like a two by four?  Not easy stuff.  Now this guy had pretty much everything else going for him, he looked good on paper but I just couldn’t get over the kissing which leads to well, you know, the bedroom.

In the end it wasn’t the bad kissing that ended the relationship, but it was a part of it.

How about you?  Is bad kissing a deal breaker for you?  Or is it fixable?


2 thoughts on “Is bad kissing a deal breaker?

  1. Marc says:

    Bad Kissing is a deal breaker, it is such an important part of intimacy. This is something you “have” or do not “have”. But, everyone is different and what you think is a bad kisser, can be good for someone else. All part of the chemistry



  2. Pat says:

    I would normally agree, but did have one horrible first kiss turn into a 6-year relationship… so you never know 🙂

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